Why owners hire Spectrum to manage properties:

  • You have multiple properties or rental units.
  • You are an “absent” landlord.
  • You view rental property ownership strictly as an investment and want little or nothing to do with your properties’ day-to-day management.
  • Your time is limited and being a landlord is not your day job.

Spectrum helps owners find and retain qualified renters. Filling a vacancy is about finding the right fit, not the first applicant. Some owners make the mistake of quickly filling a vacancy for fear of lost rent dollars only to end up with unqualified renters.

This remedies the immediate need of filling the vacancy but may actually end up costing more due to lost rent time and potentially eviction, which will far exceed the immediate gain. Spectrum prides itself on effective communication with both owners of properties and the tenants. Most issues of landlord-tenant relations could be solved with clear, concise communication and all agreements in writing.

Our Happy Customers

"Spectrum did a fantastic job of finding qualified renters, performing inspections prior and after moves, collecting rents, setting up appointments and related responsibilities of property management."

Jayne Chace - Fairfield, Maine

"I have been working with Jayne Roberge and Spectrum Management for the past 5 years and have been completely satisfied with their services! The are professional and attentive to both the needs of their clients and their clients renters."

Shirley J. Miller - Winslow, Maine

"Jayne and her team were instrumental in the lease up, management and maintenance of several properties I've owned throughout the years in central Maine. Spectrum provides an institutional level service in a market of non-institutional assets often awash in bad property managers."

Peyton K. McElyea

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