Since 1998, Spectrum Property Management LLC has offered exceptional customer service and personal care to Maine property owners.

Spectrum prides itself on effective communication with both owners of properties and the tenants’. Most issues of landlord-tenant relations could be solved with clear, concise communication and all agreements in writing. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ expectations are exceeded and you can sleep soundly knowing that there is a full team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals supporting you.

We are experienced property managers with the knowledge of the local residential rental markets. We understand the delicate balance of owning rental properties and have the expertise to effectively manage rental properties. We understand that each property has a unique set of requirements and it’s our mission to manage each property as if it were our own.

One of the major benefits of having Spectrum Property Management LLC on your side is lease enforcement; on time payments and collections can be very time intensive and costly to an owner, let Spectrum Property Management LLC take the burden from you.

What makes Spectrum’s progressive approach unique? It could be our proactive strategies to prevent problems rather than just waiting for them to happen.

Why Hire Spectrum

Managing your own rental property can be time consuming and add stress to your already busy life. Buyers of investment properties purchase in order to increase their income and add to their financial portfolio but seldom think of the work involved with the management of residential rental units.

If you have multiple properties or rental units and are an “absentee” landlord, You view rental property ownership strictly as an investment and want little or nothing to do with the day-to-day management of your properties or being a landlord is not your day job; let Spectrum Property Management LLC take that burden from you.

Lack of knowledge of residential rental/consumer laws and proper tenant screening can result in higher turn-over costs and more evictions. Spectrum’s continuing education programs keep Spectrum up-to-date on all new laws and legislation regarding residential rentals.

At Spectrum, our view on vacancy placement is about finding the right fit NOT the first applicant! Owners make the mistake of trying to quickly fill a vacancy for fear of lost rent dollars but only end up with unqualified renters. This remedies the immediate need of filling the vacancy but may actually end up costing more due to lost rent and potentially eviction which will far exceed the immediate gain.

Full Management

Spectrum Property Management offers full management services for rental units which includes but are not limited to: collection of rents, enforcement of agreements, issuing of notices, interaction with tenants, acceptance of maintenance or repair requests, coordinating with any on site professionals that the property may need and conduct periodic interior/exterior inspections of the building/unit.

Tenant Placement

Spectrum also offers Tenant Placement service which can be in conjunction with full management services or as a “stand alone” service. Spectrum is hired to place a qualified renter in a vacant unit. Service includes but are not limited to: Advertising and marketing the vacancy, showing the property to prospective renters, accepting applications and conducting a rigorous background examination to qualify the applicant, lease or rental agreement preparation, disclosures and completion of a full move in inspection with photo documentation.

Condo Association

Our mission as your property management company is to make your job – as a property owner or association member – easier and more satisfying. When you find a company that is reliable and actionable, like Spectrum, your quality of life and property values will continue to increase.

Whether you are a homeowners association or condominium, overseeing all elements in your community is a full-time job that can put a lot of stress on you and your fellow board members. As a board member, you serve your community voluntarily, and you most likely have other daily commitments outside of your association. Although you care about your community, there are seldom enough hours in the day to dedicate to Board work.

Spectrum eases the burden of work for you acts as a voice for your residents and the Association. Our job is to carry out your decisions, put Progress in Motion, and make you look good.

Our Happy Customers

"Spectrum did a fantastic job of finding qualified renters, performing inspections prior and after moves, collecting rents, setting up appointments and related responsibilities of property management."

Jayne Chace - Fairfield, Maine

"I have been working with Jayne Roberge and Spectrum Management for the past 5 years and have been completely satisfied with their services! The are professional and attentive to both the needs of their clients and their clients renters."

Shirley J. Miller - Winslow, Maine

"Jayne and her team were instrumental in the lease up, management and maintenance of several properties I've owned throughout the years in central Maine. Spectrum provides an institutional level service in a market of non-institutional assets often awash in bad property managers."

Peyton K. McElyea

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